Concept Coaching

Concept Coaching

If you are seeking to dramatically increase your productivity – and do so with a guided focus to achieve specific results, I’d LOVE to help you!

I work with business leaders, IT executives, IT departments, and entrepreneurs to clarify vision, identify goals, build and implement plans, and put strategies and tools into place that help them realize their vision.

The Concept Coaching Success Path Methodology

The image below represents the coaching methodology I employ. A systematic 4-step approach with assessment & calibration taking place throughout to provide proactive & positive accountability, ensure successes are realized and any challenges quickly corrected. The entire process is supported by tools and systems that greatly increase productivity, efficiency, and success!

Coaching for Executive and Entrepreneurs(click image to see full screen)

Coaching Areas of Focused Improvement

  • Clarify life and business planning
  • Alignment of purpose (values) to goals
  • Executive Leadership
  • Greater Proactivity: decisiveness and rapid correction/re-direction
  • Inter/intra-Departmental Communication
  • Time & Task Management: implementing tools & programs that suit you
  • Presentations: content & delivery
  • General Business Strategy: systems, digital marketing, social media

Strategies & Tools

  • Calendar & Task Lists Tools: Google Calendar, Google Drive, Evernote, Microsoft Office Suite
  • Contacts and Communications: CRM utilization
  • Isolated Time Focus: Pomodoro Technique/Time Blocking
  • Rapid Weekly & Daily Review

Coaching Programs

  • 6 Month Achievement Cycle
    – Two 45-50 minute Skype Video Calls (or phone) per month
    – Unlimited email access
    – Follow-up recap document
  • One-Time Achievement Pinpoint Session
    – 60 minute Skype Video Call
    – 30 days of unlimited email
    – Follow-up recap document
  • Custom Organizational Coaching
    Need ongoing coaching for you, other executives, and/or staff? I can work with you to develop a custom coaching plan and cycle.

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