Video: 15 Minutes of Learning a Day

A few things to update here. I’ve been updating the Facebook page from time to time but less diligently than I’d like. Consulting and other creative projects have been my focus. However, much of it overlaps with the proactive approach I have to IT Careers – and careers (and life) in general. Recently, I’ve been […]

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Concept Over Process and aligning business and IT

Concept Over Process: A Mindset and Methodology for Better Technology

Achieving IT to Business Alignment I’ve discussed Concept Over Process on the blog before. Concept Over Process is the longest chapter in both my books – The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit and the greatly expanded, Building Your IT Career. What is Concept Over Process Concept Over Process is a project development and business analysis methodology […]

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The IT Career Toolkit Podcast Episode 30

Episode 30 – Schedule and Productivity

Summary: A brief overview of things I’m working on and where I’ve been. And then we discuss four big ideas about developing a proactive and dynamic career in Information Technology or anywhere else for that matter. Episode 30: Download here or listen below. Intro FAR-West Performing with The Tiger Tops October 19th Arrogant Sage on […]

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