14 – How can you negotiate your salary for a Best Buy, Geek Squad position

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Original question and my answer

Q) I have an interview with Best Buy tomorrow for a Geek Squad Consultation position? I have 4 years customer service/ 2 years sales experience – I want to know if I can negotiate the hourly wage?

A) Larger corporate environments are somewhat challenging in that they have a very standardized range of pay.

First, do the interview. Be amazing! Wow them!

Then, ask them what the pay range is and how they determine where someone fits in that range. Clarity and being up front is my approach.

Once you know, you have a negotiating start point. When/if you are offered the job, they will let you know the pay. You can then counter with something appropriate based on the guidelines they told you.

You can also ask them, how are raises and promotions handled.

Hope that is helpful.


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