19 Refocusing and Re-purposing Your Career

Episode 19 summary

I discuss my recent refocus for my own consulting with Pulse Infomatics. I also discuss a young man who was referred to me. He is hoping to break into IT. I offer some advice that he (and other aspiring IT professionals) can use to break into IT. I also talk about more experienced IT pros changing directions.

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Re-purposing your career

  • Why it is fearful to refocus
  • The benefit – a focused and niche message that is easier to convey
  • A young man who cannot currently attend school so can’t work in tech
  • You don’t need permission
  • Why interning matters
  • Interning for free versus paid


Internships – paid vs. unpaid:

Twitter conversation on internships

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  1. I suspect you’ve given some apt advice or food for thought – for when the time comes for a young IT careerist to try and break in to the practicalities of industry. Definitely arts interns are exploited…indefinitely…straight into career paths where they are further exploited because the industry chronically underpays for many reasons. A FEW make it to decent salaried positions.

    What should be gained from an internship is knowledge, contacts, systems, protocols, etc. that can be duplicated in other positions. It is good to know your bottom line. Many people have worked for free to get their feet in the door to a good employer. A good employer will not exploit/abuse human resources (people). They will offer an intern guidance, tips, lessons, training and time to build a portfolio of experiences that can be deemed valuable in the future.

    • Agreed. In the same way I tell musicians that playing for “free” can be valuable, I don’t suggest it is always valuable. I traded articles for banner ads and other opportunities – those led to my publishing deal with a major publisher.

      I fully understand the backlash against internships where an employer has individuals taking on menial tasks of littler importance. I always push to get people taking on project work. If not, go find another opportunity.

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