Building Your I.T. Career by Matthew Moran

Speaking Event – Why IT in Wisconsin

The Value-added Technologist I’ll be traveling to Wisconsin (brrr) later this month to keynote the Why IT? Conference! My keynote is: The Value-added Technologist. I discuss career advice and the need for IT professionals to think of their jobs from the perspective of the value they bring their employer. The event is hosted by Moraine Park Technical College and Waukesha […]

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Those Paying Your Dues Blues

“I’m paying my dues.” It is a phrase that makes me shudder with fear. Implying that you must grind your way through unhappy, unsatisfying roles, until some theoretical point where you have paid an undetermined debt against career or business doldrums and future advancement. And then, upon paying your dues, you have now, “paid your […]

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Create a linke-able process library with Google Docs

The full-blog entry for this tutorial is over on Pulse Infomatics – here. But watch the video below and/or take a look at this live Google Document to get an idea of a simple to create and navigate process library document. [youtube] If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or send […]

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