3 Critical Productivity and Information Tools

My Personal Productivity Toolkit Do you want to get more done? Do you want better control of and access to your information? Do you want to effectively remember tasks, appointments, calls, and critical dates? Do you want to efficiently document and build on your personal and team brainstorming? Do you want to be better? At […]

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Coaching for Executive and Entrepreneurs

Coaching for IT executives, IT professionals, and IT departments

I’m offering a FREE 30 minute Skype or phone coaching session for a limited time. Get more information on my coaching page. A method to avoid the madness I’ve been providing career coaching and coaching for IT executives and their teams for a few years now. One of the most important elements to my coaching is a […]

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facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger Security and Privacy

Concerns about Facebook Messenger has been making the news lately. As an IT professional, it is important that you understand the issues surrounding security, policy, and hype. I wrote about an online discussion in my other blog where I address the stated concerns. Facebook Messenger – Security, Privacy, and the Real Conversation

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Google Drive to organize social media content

A couple innovative ways to use Google Drive

I’ve Been Google-ized! Follow me long enough and you’ll hear me extol the virtues of some Google application. As an IT professional – dealing with buzzwords like “the cloud”, “the Internet of Things”, “collaboration”, and so many others… make no mistake, Google is in the thick of it. If you are NOT using some/many Google […]

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New YouTube Channel Art Template in Microsoft Publisher

Click the image to go to the download page for the YouTube Channel Art Template. I’ve created this template in Microsoft Publisher for those who DO NOT have Photoshop or other more advanced graphics programs. If you have Microsoft Publisher you can create graphic files for YouTube, your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. […]

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