case studies as marketing tools

Solution Selling – A Case-study Approach

This is a link to my latest LinkedIn Influencer post. This past Monday my father passed away. While somewhat expected, this week is family and arrangements. I’ll be back here next week, I spoke to a business group on Tuesday night – discussing Growing Your Consulting Business. During that presentation, I covered case-studies as marketing […]

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Google Drive for Consultants and Coaches

Google Drive versus Dropbox for Consultants and Coaches

Is Google Drive better than Dropbox? This is a little bit misleading. They are not really the same thing. However, I find Google Drive to be a much better tool than Dropbox for what many people often use Dropbox for. Google Drive is a much more powerful tool for collaboration and information sharing than Dropbox. I’ll […]

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shadow it and innovation

Bring Shadow IT to the Light: Innovation is NOT the Enemy

What is Shadow IT? There was a recent conversation online about the dangers of “Shadow IT.” In case you are unfamiliar with “Shadow IT,” it is simply IT-like projects that are initiated and developed outside of the IT department. This can be a custom application, a “rogue” server, and even technology systems purchased outside of […]

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