a poem for IT professionals

A Poem for IT Professionals [blast from blog post past]

Back in December of 2004, as my first book was about to be published, Comdex (the previously monstrous tech conference) had cancelled it’s 2004 event and later announced it was ceasing to exist as an IT conference. This was a particularly interesting time in IT as many were announcing the end of IT’s value to […]

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hire yourself to find yourself a job

Would You Hire Yourself to Find Yourself A Job

Clumsy title, I know. I hope the concept was communicated. Recently, I’ve spoken to 2 different I.T. professionals who are unemployed or underemployed. Then, this morning I read about a recently laid off worker who was seeking advice in an online forum for finding work. My advice for all of them is pretty similar. I’m […]

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