coaching for i.t. executives, professionals, and consultants

Coaching for CIO’s, CTO’s, I.T. Departments, and I.T. Consultants

Ch-ch-ch-changes – coaching and more Just a quick note to let you know of website changes and some things coming down the pipe. I’ve provided some coaching for I.T. professionals, executives, departments and several I.T. consultants – both independents and organizations. I’ve now formalized this as part of my overall service strategy for 2014. I […]

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getting a job in information technology

How do I get a job in Information Technology and the mythical career path

I get this question or some variation of it A LOT! Probably weekly. I also see it posted on numerous forums and other discussion groups. It might be asked or presented one of these ways: I am looking to break into I.T. but every job requires experience. It’s a Catch-22, you need experience to get […]

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some of my articles published at informit

Two Articles – Part-time Consulting and The Value of Degrees and Certifications

Here are two articles of mine that went live at How To Start I.T. Consulting Part-time The first offers some ideas on how to start consulting on a part-time basis. More than 20 years ago, I won my first consulting client, walking into a 1 person law-firm to find a rather frustrated attorney and […]

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