Episode 23 – Political rants are career suicide

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“To the other guy, you are the other guy.”

Podcast Summary:

Frothy-mouthed and angry political rants do little to change anyone’s opinion – but even for those who agree with you – portray the “ranter” as emotionally challenged. It’s fine to hold an opinion – everyone does – but maintain some decency if you must (and you probably do not need to) engage in online debate.

Agree or disagree? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I absolutely agree. I think it is career suicide in music as well. I stopped any and all political posts and debate on my FB page. Unless it’s about the environment. It doesn’t change anyone’s mind regarding your political ideas. It actually turns people off. I had to unfriend a guy I admired who became a rabid Bernie supporter. I just couldn’t take it anymore. It mattered not whether I supported Bernie or not. He was just so crazy and actually attacked me when I tried to inject some sanity into his rants.

    • Thanks for commenting Scott…

      Of course, how we respond – with logic and emotional restraint – goes a long way to how others accept the message. But often, not the person we are in the discussion with.

      I’ve often received messages from others – bystanders as it were – who have thanked me for my reasoned response on topics in the face of anger or vitriol.

      Remember, in such discussions, there is the person you are discussing with and there are those who are witness to the interaction. A reasonable response is more likely to reach those people than the person already fixed in their viewpoint. just a thought.

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