Episode 28 – Career Coincidences and Up Your Numbers

What are Career Coincidences?

Career Coincidences are those random moments – events or opportune meetings, where you connect with someone – an opportunity – in a seemingly magical way. You have a connection, a past employer, a shared friend, or any shared experience, that makes the conversation and connection more meaningful. This has the impact of making it far more likely that you will turn that relationship into a new job or contract.

How to create them?

In this podcast, I tell the story of one career coincidence that happened in Phoenix several years ago. After losing a contract I needed to generate work quickly. I printed 120-140 one-page consultive resumes and begin traveling down Scottsdale Road visiting every small business I could walk into. This resulted in a rather amazing coincidence and a moment of boldness.

Listen to the podcast below or download it here.

As you listen, before you comment that I was “lucky” – remember, I visited 120+ companies in a couple weeks. I had more than a hundred non-coincidences. If you want more “lucky” coincidences in your life, up your numbers.

To see a simple copy of a 1 page consulting resume, click one of the links below.


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