5 – Overcome Fear and Your Career

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We are all Fearful at times. In this episode I discuss how you overcome fear and move forward in your life and career.

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3 Steps to Overcoming Fear

  1. Don’t deny it but don’t obsess over it
    admit it and enact a plan.
  2. Create a plan AND A CALENDAR
    put your calendar, not your emotions, in charge
  3. Be accountable to someone who is challenging
    they should make you uncomfortable in that they expect things from you

But what about you? How do you overcome fear – in life and  your career. Share below.


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  1. Wonderful podcast. When I find myself frozen with fear I say the following to myself – Just Do It, There is No Try, Do not live a shoulda, coulda, woulda, life, and there is no spoon. Then I put a plan together with a timeline.

  2. The podcast was very good on handling fear. I handle my fear by using it to my advantage. I feel that sometimes fear can be a huge motivator and I use that fear to help move me foward.

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