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Building Your IT Career is used in colleges worldwide - both as an add-on text and as the primary course material. Instructors and students can download the academic resources here. 

Be sure to reach out! Matthew has often provided video Q&A directly into classrooms where his book is used. If you are interested in that, contact us.

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Proactive and positive advice to help you launch and grow your IT career. Plus, your questions answered and topical information meant to help you develop the most rewarding and profitable career possible.

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Author Matthew Moran delivers keynotes and workshops covering topics ranging from IT careers, IT department to business unit communication, building your consulting practice, and others. His presentations provide entertainment and information - often involving music and audience interaction.

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facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger Security and Privacy

Concerns about Facebook Messenger has been making the news lately. As an IT professional, it is important that you understand the issues surrounding security, policy, and hype. I wrote about an online discussion in my other blog where I address the stated concerns. Facebook Messenger – Security, Privacy, and the Real Conversation

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Google Drive to organize social media content

A couple innovative ways to use Google Drive

I’ve Been Google-ized! Follow me long enough and you’ll hear me extol the virtues of some Google application. As an IT professional – dealing with buzzwords like “the cloud”, “the Internet of Things”, “collaboration”, and so many others… make no mistake, Google is in the thick of it. If you are NOT using some/many Google […]

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