2 – Some of my projects and what it means to be proactive

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  1. Not I.T. specific, but related in concept and experience: I applied for a construction job once, they said they would take apps for a week then call. I showed up a week later on Monday morning, February in Michigan, very dark and extremely cold! New boots, new gloves, bundled up heavily in layers, ready for work, first one there. The Superintendent shows up. I said, “I know you were going to take apps for a week then call, but I wanted to let you know that I’m still available.” He said, “Well, we hired 2 people, [and you’re not one of them, so go home.] I went home and went back to sleep. The phone rang a few hours later… “Are you still available? One person didn’t show up and the other one didn’t work out.” A few months later, Dean, the Superintendent, mentioned that it was because I did that that they called me back–I wasn’t even next on their list. I felt like a complete idiot doing that, but it got me the job! A few months later in September, everyone from the jobsite (all were invited, but no one could make it) was pouring huge amounts of cash into my wedding card, which amounted to about $250! (on a side note, don’t skimp on wedding invitations!)

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