4 – Breaking Into I.T.

Listen or download the I.T. Career Toolkit PodcastSome ideas to help you start your career in Information Technology. However, the information may be helpful to those who want to jumpstart a career that has stalled or become stale.

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Some Housekeeping

  • The forums are working
  • Copies of the book are on their way to those I’ve promised them to. If you get your copy – take a picture of it (or you with it) and post it on Facebook – and tag the Building Your I.T. Career Facebook page. 😀
  • The Google Reader Tutorial mentioned in the book is NOT being published. Google reader is going away so I will post a tutorial after I find a replacement.
  • A special welcome to the students from IADT in Chicago (I will be doing a live Q&A via Skype with them in April) and the folks at coderanch.com (where I am currently answering questions in the forum).
  • Careers are not linear
  • Income may not be your best gauge of an opportunity or advancement
  • I.T. happens outside of I.T.
  • “Think Outside The Box” – THROW AWAY THE BOX!!!

Breaking into I.T.

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