6 – Getting Started In Consulting

Listen or download the I.T. Career Toolkit PodcastIn Episode 6 I discuss getting started in consulting by starting part-time, on a shoestring budget, and some ideas on how I won new clients… hint: speaking to technology groups (give high-value, free and useful information) is a great marketing strategy. Remember: The podium imparts credibility.

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House Keeping:

  • Book Giveaway update – new giveaway through May 12th
  • Couple exciting things. I spoke at my daughter’s school yesterday – discussing everything from Relationship Potty Training, my inspiration for writing & songwriting, and more specifically, why you cannot wait for inspiration.We also talked about what it takes to get the job of your dreams!Also, sometimes you need to “perspire your way to inspiration.” – see: Stephen King’s, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.
  • Later today I am doing a LIVE Q&A with a classroom of students using my book at the International Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago.
  • After this weekend, we’ll be announcing some career focused webinars. If there is a topic or question you want answered, let me know.

Getting Started In Consulting

I mention my free consulting proposal. You can get it in the supplemental downloads here.

  • Start on a shoestring
  • Part-time is always effective
  • Get started before you are ready
  • Consider joining Toastmasters. Find a group near you.
    Eyes, Ears, Heart
  • Business cards, a services sheet, and ASAP a WordPress based website. Learn about WordPress here.

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