7 – Scheduling and Calendaring

In this episode of the podcast, I discuss scheduling and calendaring. I talk about my calendar, Google Calendar and concepts you can use regardless of which calendar you use.

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EXTRA: A video on using Google Calendar.

House Keeping

  • Winner of the book giveaway: Jedadiah Casey in Florida won a signed copy of Building Your I.T. Career. There is a new book giveaway started. I’ve extended the date to May 19th
  • Skype call with IATD Chicago was a success
  • Reviews of my book and a request for those who have read my book.

Scheduling & Calendaring

I refer to my calendar as a benevolent dictator. Why? Because, when I am diligent in using  my calendar, it keeps me doing the right things.

Why do I use Google Calendar

  • I used to use Outlook – which is a great calendaring tool but..
  • Cloud based – I can get to it anywhere
  • It is free
  • I can create multiple calendars and see them overlapping
  • I can share one or more calendars – either the details or just free/busy information
  • It integrates with my smart phone
  • It also sends me text messages if I want it to
  • It has a built in tasks list that also synchronizes with my phone
  • Get things off your mind and into a system.
    David Allen and 43 folders concept.
  • You must work your system in some scheduled/diligent fashion
    • Weekly planning and review
    • Daily Review
    • Have repeating scheduled items for non-moving, ongoing, items.
      • Weekly conference call..
      • Going to the gym
      • Practicing guitar
      • Recording your podcast
      • Writing time
    • Don’t schedule appointments or blocks of time right on top of each other. Create space for overage and preparation

Keys to effective calendaring

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