9 – Your Personal Declaration Of Independence

In this episode I discuss the Your Personal Declaration of Independence. What is Information Technology all about?

Note: I realize I normally post on Wednesday but because I’ve neglected you and due to the July 4th holiday, I am posting on Monday.

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Episode content: The Role of Technology

  • Experiencing a Crisis of Confidence
  • My personal story
  • Some tips for overcoming depression/setbacks/adversity
  • Barriers to our personal declaration and how to overcome them

My personal declaration

I hold these truths to be self-evident…

I have the right to put my past behind me and unapologetically pursue my future with a positive passion.  I have been granted gifts by my creator and it is my right and responsibility to put those gifts to use to create a life that HAS a positive impact on my professional life, my personal life, my relationships, my children, and the world I live in.

I reserve the right to ignore the critic, the skeptic, and the agents of pessimism; recognizing their input is only a reflection of their own jealousy, bitterness, and failed vision.

I will actively battle for love over hate, potential over fear, action over indecision, and dreams over despair.

I reserve the right to edit, expand, and adjust this declaration as I see fit.

Matthew Moran
December 15, 2011

Now it is your turn.
Write your own declaration of independence.

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  1. rmer-home/ My hope/desire was to go live last week but we just got life semi-stabalized so probably by the end of this week.Security/basic PC support will make it into the videos at some point. My first set of videos will cover blogging and RSS. Then, I believe an overview of some Google apps. Then, we will see…Thanks again.

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