Concept Over Process: A Mindset and Methodology for Better Technology

Achieving IT to Business Alignment

I’ve discussed Concept Over Process on the blog before. Concept Over Process is the longest chapter in both my books – The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit and the greatly expanded, Building Your IT Career.

Concept Over Process and aligning business and IT

What is Concept Over Process

Concept Over Process is a project development and business analysis methodology I began developing and codifying while working for a large insurance company at the start of my career. I’ve expanded my initial two page paper greatly since then. It provides strategies, tools, and a conceptual and practical approach to how to think about business challenges and identify information technology to solve those challenges.


Recently, I spoke to a group of IT professionals and project managers. We were discussing project collaboration tools but after mentioning Concept Over Process in passing, I was asked to dedicate some time to clarifying it. The feedback was tremendous and prompted me to write a three part series on the topic.

I published on my consulting site as three blog entries, with excerpts from the book. I’ve provided links to all three parts below.

If you are interested in developing more comprehensive and better business-aligned technology solutions, I promise that COP provides an excellent starting point down that road.

If you have questions or comments, you may comment here or on the Pulse Infomatics blog.


Concept Over Process – 3 part series

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