Video: 15 Minutes of Learning a Day

A few things to update here. I've been updating the Facebook page from time to time but less diligently than I'd like.

Consulting and other creative projects have been my focus. However, much of it overlaps with the proactive approach I have to IT Careers - and careers (and life) in general.

Recently, I've been creating YouTube and Facebook videos. Some of that involves technology, some of it involves music, and others are just creative outlets. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Today's video is relevant to IT Careers. The process of ongoing learning is a constant in the IT world. And it is something I address in both my book and on the podcast.  In this video I talk about the impact, over time, of spending 15 minutes a day learning. The math is compelling.

  • 15 minutes per day X 5 days per week = 75 minutes per week
  • 75 minutes per week X 50 weeks = 3,750 minutes per year
  • 3,750 minutes per year is 62.5 hours per year
    (a working week and a half)
  • In 5 years, that is 312.5 hours of learning.

So my morning starts with coffee and education. Take a moment to watch and let me know your thoughts.


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