Author Matthew Moran

Matthew MoranMatthew Moran is a 20+ veteran of information technology, productivity, and automation systems. He has served both large and small companies as an employee (data entry clerk, reporting analyst, business analyst, project manager, IT Manager, CIO) and as a consultant.

He is the author of numerous articles on automation, online presence (content strategy & social media), efficiency & automation, business development, and other topics. His latest book, “Building Your I.T. Career,” teaches business acumen, soft skills, personal marketing, communication, and other high value / strategic methods to help IT professionals grow their career.

His blog on CIO Magazine, “IT Is Everyone’s Business” covers strategic IT, leadership, and the value of IT. He is recognized as a LinkedIn Influencer – publishing there as well.

Matt founded Pulse Infomatics to provide IT consulting and integration services with a special focus on executive reporting (business intelligence) and workflow automation (report and document assembly).

Matt coaches and consults his clients using, Concept Over Process, a mindset and methodology that emphasis holistic business understanding and business value (ROI) rather than a technology, tool, and process focused approach.

The goal is people and solutions that are: “Concept-Driven / Process Savvy!”

Additionally, Matt writes & perform music, blog, and write articles on other topics. You can find out more by visiting the following website: