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It started with a question on a job forum in 2003  I had been providing some free advice to an online community and publishing articles about professional development for I.T. professionals in various magazines and websites. After having dozens of questions directed my way, I asked:

“Would everyone like a Toolkit of sorts where I compile all this advice?”

The response was overwhelming and The I.T. Career Builder’s Toolkit was born. Initially as a free PDF, then as a self-published book, and finally, in 2005 Cisco Press published the first edition.

And Now

And now we are into the 2nd edition. Lots of changes though, including the publisher, the title, and some great additions to the content. And this website.

I’ll be adding a podcast, chapter updates, forums (on LinkedIn) where you can ask questions and interact with peers, and a newsletter to keep you up-to-date with the best career tips possible. Plus a chance to win some free coaching, signed copies of the book, and other supplemental information.

In fact, start by visiting LinkedIn, registering, and Introducing Yourself.

Quick FAQ

Why a new publisher?

In truth, it is a new publisher.. and isn’t a new publisher. Cisco Press is an imprint of Pearson. Que is an imprint of Pearson. Pearson is a HUGE publisher with many imprints. For many years, and still do this day, many people believe The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit is a book for Cisco Professionals. It is.. but not specifically. The book is a more general and broadly applied set of career skills. It really comes down to branding and awareness.

Why a new title?

Both due to the above branding question and quite simply, how easy it is to say. It is more difficult to string together, The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit than it is to say, “Building Your I.T. Career.” We also think the new title is more direct.

…. have more questions? Feel free to ask and either myself (Matt) or someone on my team, will answer.



  1. On page 219 of the book “Building your I.T. Career”, under the “Actions & Ideas”
    “1. View the video online or read the primer on “Marketing & Billable Hours.” ” I can not find this video on the website.

  2. Thanks for commenting. You are 100% correct. During my consolidation of web and video content last year, I did not re-post this information. I’ll get right on that and post a blog entry as soon as I have it up.

    I sent you a private email as well.

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