Matthew Moran presents on proactive and entrepreneurial career growth

How I won two new clients and The Entrepreneurial Careerist

I’m going to explain how I won two new clients in one day. That story can be found below. First – because it is related. I’m presenting next week in Woodland Hills, CA. The Entrepreneurial Careerist I love giving this presentation. No audio/visuals. Just energy, anecdotes, and audience interaction. My goal is the move people […]

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The Employability Puzzle! How to launch into IT or any career

Yesterday I took part in a discussion with the instructors and administrators at a local technical college. The big question: How do we create curriculum that prepares our students for a job upon graduation? How do we make them employable? They are, as it turns out, not alone in asking this question. Yesterday I read, […]

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Video: Is it What You Know or Who You Know? Both Are Needed

We’ve been cleaning up around here. The IT Career Toolkit website needed an overhaul. This morning I recorded a new podcast – look for it tomorrow – introducing some new materials and the TechXCited Seminar Series (watch for it). In the meantime, here is a short segment from a past speaking engagement. I was speaking […]

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