How I won two new clients and The Entrepreneurial Careerist

I’m going to explain how I won two new clients in one day. That story can be found below.

First – because it is related. I’m presenting next week in Woodland Hills, CA.

The Entrepreneurial Careerist

I love giving this presentation. No audio/visuals. Just energy, anecdotes, and audience interaction. My goal is the move people past what they might view as “traditional” into more engaged, flexible, and purposeful career growth. I want them to see themselves as an entrepreneur – a business unto themselves. And their employer is a client. Each person they work with is a client.

Maybe I’ll get some video and post that later.

Okay… about winning two new clients. Hint: This is how I got jobs when I was an employee too.

A Tale of Two Clients

Just in time for the presentation, a story about how I picked up two new clients.

This is what being proactive looks like

I was working for one client in a building that has five other companies. Mid-morning one day, I was walking to my car when I thought, “I should drop a resume with these other companies.”

I grabbed 4 consulting focused resumes and walked into each of the offices. My pitch… a simple, “Hi. I do technology work. This explains a bit more about what I do. I’m working for your neighbor right now and thought I would introduce myself.”

business and technology consulting resume

My consulting resume

So much for the sophisticated sales cycle.

As I was leaving the 5th company, before I’d reached my car, my phone rang. I answered it and a guy said, “Hey… my name is John. You just dropped off some information at my company. Are you still in the area? I may need your help.”

It was the company I’d just walked into. Since then, I’ve taken over their network integration and support, upgraded them to Active Directory, and am undertaking some CRM Data cleanup.

Later that day a second company in the building called me. I just did a Windows 2016, Hyper-V, virtualization project for them.

I’m talking to a 3rd company and think I’ll win them as a client too. That would give me 4 out of 5 of the small businesses in that building as clients.

Those are stupid good numbers. I don’t expect that but they are kind of nice. All based on a, “I should visit these other companies,” thought and action. No over-thinking. No special pitch or close. Just a hello… I’m here.

Mind you, this is perfectly normal for me. To introduce myself to people and to companies. If you want to jump-start your career or build a better professional and personal network, it is pretty simple.

Think of yourself like a business. Think of your brain and your skills as a high-value commodity.

Do not deny the world your awesome-ness!! πŸ˜‰

Be proactive!

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