Microsoft Access database that reads and extracts website data – file download

I wrote about this technology some time back at Pulse Infomatics. Using the Microsoft Internet Controls, the HTMLDocument object, and VBA, you can read and extract data from almost any website. This can be used to periodically look for changes on a website or pull data for use into your own analysis tool. We’ve had […]

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Using Social Media workshop video

Last week I presented for the Ventura County Community Foundation – a non-profit support and education resource. Below is the full workshop video. Additionally, I’ve provided a link to a posts on my Pulse Infomatics site where you can download the slide deck. I’ll be posting shorter segments from this and other videos soon. Oh, […]

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Twitter, hashtags, and the value you add

I was taking part in a conversation on a LinkedIn discussion group. The discussion was centered on registering hashtags and how to use them. The group is a writing group and writers, like musicians, often focus too heavily on the “look at me” syndrome of social. In fact, most groups dedicated to creatives are a morass of […]

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Building Your I.T. Career by Matthew Moran

Speaking Event – Why IT in Wisconsin

The Value-added Technologist I’ll be traveling to Wisconsin (brrr) later this month to keynote the Why IT? Conference! My keynote is: The Value-added Technologist. I discuss career advice and the need for IT professionals to think of their jobs from the perspective of the value they bring their employer. The event is hosted by Moraine Park Technical College and Waukesha […]

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New YouTube Channel Art Template in Microsoft Publisher

Click the image to go to the download page for the YouTube Channel Art Template. I’ve created this template in Microsoft Publisher for those who DO NOT have Photoshop or other more advanced graphics programs. If you have Microsoft Publisher you can create graphic files for YouTube, your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. […]

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