Twitter, hashtags, and the value you add

I was taking part in a conversation on a LinkedIn discussion group. The discussion was centered on registering hashtags and how to use them.

The group is a writing group and writers, like musicians, often focus too heavily on the “look at me” syndrome of social. In fact, most groups dedicated to creatives are a morass of self-promotional links – “buy my crap” – please read me – sort of stuff.

So the conversation was immediately how they used hashtags to point people at their books/and or writing.

I wrote a brief explanation of hashtags:

Hashtags are an organizational mechanism for some social networks. Popular primarily with Twitter originally, other networks adopted them.

Beware of using them as a marketing vehicle as they can (and often do) get hijacked.. In fact, “hijacking” a hashtag is a great mechanism if done tastefully.

And then, in regards to simply “promoting” your stuff:

Same with pitching your book as an introduction or asking people – site unseen – to help you promote your book.

That is a bit like walking down the street and yelling, “Buy my book! Buy my product!” It’s clumsy and people will avoid you.

Instead, blog about the content if your book and give away your best value. No.. really, give it away! Then, you’ll prove your worth and people will follow, listen, and support.

A video on Twitter, Hashtags, and adding value

I ended up creating this quick video in response.

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