Annotating Graphics for System and Company Documentation

This is a critical topic for IT professionals. The unfortunate truth is, documentation is often the last priority for IT groups and organizations in general. The ability to create documentation and provide knowledge-transfer is critical to a more agile and successful organization. It means, fewer calls to the help-desk, better training, more rapid adoption of […]

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Those Paying Your Dues Blues

“I’m paying my dues.” It is a phrase that makes me shudder with fear. Implying that you must grind your way through unhappy, unsatisfying roles, until some theoretical point where you have paid an undetermined debt against career or business doldrums and future advancement. And then, upon paying your dues, you have now, “paid your […]

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How employers find employees versus how job seekers find jobs

How to get past unrealistic job postings

I speak with a lot of careerist who ask what to do about unrealistic job postings. The easy answer, Networking – and not networking computers – networking with people. The graphic below represents how employers look for talent versus how job seekers look for opportunities. The challenge most job seekers face is that they start […]

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