Annotating Graphics for System and Company Documentation

This is a critical topic for IT professionals. The unfortunate truth is, documentation is often the last priority for IT groups and organizations in general.

The ability to create documentation and provide knowledge-transfer is critical to a more agile and successful organization. It means, fewer calls to the help-desk, better training, more rapid adoption of new technologies, and can help with employee/talent retention.

Today, at Pulse Infomatics, I wrote a blog entry with a demo video about Skitch. It’s an amaging and FREE graphic annotation utility from Evernote.

I also wrote a blog at Pulse on creating documents with linked navigation in Google Docs (Google Drive). Using both tools together and you are going to be a rock star.

These two images were created using Skitch. One on the desktop app, the other using the mobile app on my Android. Below them are two videos from the above referenced blog entries.


Skitch Video Demo


Google Docs with Linked Navigation


Let me know if you try Skitch and how you like it.

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