Google Drive to organize social media content

A couple innovative ways to use Google Drive

I’ve Been Google-ized! Follow me long enough and you’ll hear me extol the virtues of some Google application. As an IT professional – dealing with buzzwords like “the cloud”, “the Internet of Things”, “collaboration”, and so many others… make no mistake, Google is in the thick of it. If you are NOT using some/many Google […]

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New YouTube Channel Art Template in Microsoft Publisher

Click the image to go to the download page for the YouTube Channel Art Template. I’ve created this template in Microsoft Publisher for those who DO NOT have Photoshop or other more advanced graphics programs. If you have Microsoft Publisher you can create graphic files for YouTube, your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. […]

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Time and Task Management Part 3 using Google Calendar

Time and Task Management – Part 3 – Google Calendar

In Part 1 I discussed some basic concepts of time and task management. In Part 2 I introduced a couple of specific time management systems. Part 3 is where we get down and dirty. I’m going to show you specifically my system using Google Calendar. Remember, I started with with the premise that “The System” does […]

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