A couple innovative ways to use Google Drive

I’ve Been Google-ized!

Follow me long enough and you’ll hear me extol the virtues of some Google application.

As an IT professional – dealing with buzzwords like “the cloud”, “the Internet of Things”, “collaboration”, and so many others… make no mistake, Google is in the thick of it.

If you are NOT using some/many Google services, why NOT!!!

I use: Search, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Alerts, Analytics, Keep, Photos, YouTube, Maps, Chat, Hangouts (group video), Business Listings, Chrome, Plus (okay, just kidding, Plus is useless), and a few others. True online, real-time, FREE, collaboration with people all over the world.

Okay.. my two articles. If you like them and find them helpful, I’d LOVE it if you shared them.

Using Google Drive to Collect & Organize Social Media Content

This article teaches how to use a cloud strategy and technology (Google Drive) to collect and organize digital content from your team or organization.Google Drive to organize social media content

Using Google Drive to Collaborate with Musicians Across the Internet

This article explains how to use Google Drive to coordinate and organize recordings (musical collaboration) with other musician across the Internet.Google Drive to record with musicians across the Internet


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