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Coach, consultant, and author Matthew MoranWelcome to The I.T. Career Toolkit website. I am Matthew Moran, author of, Building Your I.T. Career.

Through my blog, podcast, articles, coaching, and workshops, I provide proactive and positive advice and direction on building a dynamic and rewarding career.

Feel free to contact me. I answer every email I receive. If your question or comment is used in a blog post or article, I will send you a free signed copy of my book.


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“Be Proactive! Be Positive! Add Value! Share Opportunity!”

 That is my mantra. If you do the above, that alone is a great start to a more dynamic career. Then, take the time to check out the links on this site.



“Matt Moran is one of those rare people who fully grasps both the art and science of business operations, marketing and technology. Matt’s an anomaly- both a business & marketing genius and an IT junkie. Any thriving company needs the blend of both”
Kathleen Tomes, Founder/President – Brilliant Products Intl.


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