IT Consultant Coaching

12 Weeks to Profitable Consulting Page

Do you want to start or grow a profitable I.T. consulting business?

I am a 20+ year veteran of I.T. and have been consulting in Information Technology for more than 17 years!

You can make a 6 figure income as an I.T. consultant and develop a strong and profitable client base in far less time than you might have thought possible. We are talking weeks, rather than months or years.

I help I.T. professionals determine and develop the attitudes and aptitudes necessary to create a profitable I.T. consulting business! And do so quickly!!

My coaching takes the form of an initial assessment of hard skills, experience, professional accomplishments, transcendent & transferable skills, and both short and long-term objectives and desires.

Using this information, I help you create systems, strategies, and a detailed but flexible action plan and schedule.

Once this is in place, twice monthly Skype or phone conversations assess your progress, identify barriers – both internally (emotional/fear) and externally (material realities/schedule conflicts, etc.) and help you modify and adjust your plan most effectively to overcome the barriers and keep your business on track.

I serve as a confidant, mentor, advisor, and, when necessary, someone to give you a swift kick to keep you honest and focused.

I will encourage, challenge, and prompt you to reach and exceed your goals! I take great pleasure and pride in watching the growth in my clients. My attention to your growth goes well beyond a job that I do.

If you are ready to take the next step in your professional career, contact me!  Together, let’s see what you can accomplish!   |   818-584-6288