IT Executive Coaching

Coaching for CIO’s, CTO’s, I.T. Departments, and Executives

I coach I.T. Executives, I.T. Departments, and I.T Consultants with a specific value-added methodology and mindset called Concept Over Process [COP].

If you want to know more about COP, email me and I will send you “Concept Over Process”, which is Chapter 22 of my latest book, Building Your I.T. Career.

If you are interested in I.T. Leadership & I.T. Departmental Coaching; read below.

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Some questions to think about:

Are you an I.T. Executive or Manager looking to take a more strategic role at your organization?

Are you looking to develop and position your I.T. department as a business partner and a proactive, value-added, unit of your company or organization?

Are you working to re-position either yourself or the I.T. group as a trusted advisor and member of the executive team at your company?

If so, consider Concept Over Process Coaching!

I provide I.T. leadership coaching with a personalized, business-centric, and strategic approach.

Using Concept Over Process (COP), I help individuals (I.T. executive level professionals and those moving into that role) and organizations (the I.T. department) create and implement a business-centric (concept-driven) vision for I.T. while maintaining and developing the necessary technical (process-savvy) disciplines.

In short, I help you and your team become Concept-driven & Process-savvy.

From an organizational perspective, I.T. is often viewed as a necessary expense rather from a revenue/value perspective. The goal of Concept Over Process Coaching is to move I.T. into a true value-added, strategic position in the organization.

This often requires changes in how I.T. speaks to and perceives the rest of the organization. It is more than a change of language – although there may be some of that – but an overhaul of how the I.T. department views its role.

Additionally, COP Coaching helps I.T. create a better message and interaction throughout the organization.

If you are interested in growing your career as an I.T. executive or in developing and fostering success for your organization’s I.T. department, contact me today!.   |   818-584-6288