My coaching is not for everyone

Concept Coaching with Matthew Moran

It’s true, I’m not for everyone!

I am highly-driven to help you succeed! I push for decisive action, rapid analysis and redirection when necessary, and DO NOT ALLOW for excuses when results are the stated objective. While I am empathetic to situations, my goal is to help you achieve confidence and success through recognizing and building upon successful actions even in adversity.

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) will NOT get you there.. PMA with a Plan will!

5 signs I’m NOT the right coach for you

….with a David Letterman drumroll…

  1. You only want to talk about making profitable and proactive changes, you don’t actually want to make them.
  2. You believe your success is about how good you are at technology, not how valuable you are to your company and the people you serve.
  3. Every boss you’ve ever had was dumber than you and you haven’t grown in your career because they are “keeping you down.”
  4. You believe you’ve paid your dues rather than understanding you pay them new every day!
  5. You do not recognize Labrador Retrievers as the greatest dog breed ever!
    ..okay, I can let this one slide but don’t tell me you are a cat person!

If the thought of me coaching you terrifies you or excites you, you should contact me!   |   818-584-6288