I am honored to have advised, consulted, and befriended many over the years. Their kind words are encouraging and better advertising than anything I can create.

I still feel Matthew Moran‘s book was life changing and I flip through the second edition of the book from time to time and it almost always leaves me feeling like I have a positive outlook. The book makes me feel like I have options and that I am not stuck where I am at in life.
Jedadiah Casey – from his blog

Early in my career I was fortunate enough to encounter Matt Moran.  As a struggling peon I found it hard to find direction or plot a career course.  My encounter with him, I can honestly say, has reaped bountiful returns.  In the 5 years since our encounter I have gone from being a help desk tech to a manager and more than tripling my salary.  Matt has a fundamental grasp of not only the business world but, human nature and how those intertwine.  You may not like what he has to say but, it’s exactly what you need to hear.  There are many who proclaim to have the answer to your career woes but, few can deliver.  I’m proof that an investment in coaching from Matt Moran will pay dividends.
Jason Hill

We made the decision to utilize social media to market Pizzaman Dan’s. After 3 months and lots of time invested we were still going nowhere fast. I brought Matthew Moran on board to help design and implement a plan. Matthew is directly responsible for driving Rusty’s to the #1 Facebook page for restaurants in Ventura County with over 5100 fans. Our ‘Drive4Five’ and ‘$5,000 Reasons to LIKE Us’ campaigns are examples of brilliant marketing from the mind and talent of Matthew. I would suggest that hiring Matthew to plan and implement your Marketing and IT will be one of the best decisions you’ll make this year.
Dan Collier, Owner
Pizzaman Dan’s, Ventura County

High energy, gifted, original ideas, great sense of humor, amazing communicator, inspiring – If you put all these qualities together, you have Matthew Moran. Book him, you will score big!
Sash Damalcheruvu, Programs Chair – PMI-Phoenix Chapter

Dear Matt:

I wanted to take a moment to send you this email message to thank you for your counsel, support and assistance with our internet based marketing initiative. After months and months of frustration in an attempt to drive traffic to our website we were making little progress. Direct mailing, SEO software tools and various other endeavors all proved disappointing.

We read your posts about Blogging and with your assistance setup a simple Blog and began posting informative and educational posts centered around the products which we are actively engaged in selling. It has been six days since we set this up.

Today we ran a Google search on “purchase” followed by one of our products and none of us could believe our eyes, we are RANKED NUMBER ONE on Google. I am speechless and want you know that your work and expertise in the area of computer based marketing and technology is  astonishing.

I was the CIO for a world wide law firm based out of Los Angles for over 15 years, so I am no beginner and I know what I am doing but my efforts to drive traffic to our website were ineffective. After following your simple and easy to understand instructions we are now NUMBER ONE in Google !

I would be honored to recommend your services to anyone that is seeking similar results and wanted to send you this quick email thanking you for your assistance and guidance. You a true expert and we are so pleased with the results we just never expected to see results so quickly.
James Bandes
CEO Excelsior Technologies, Inc.

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