Dynamic & Rewarding

Are those the words you use to describe your career in Information Technology?

If not, why not?

In 2001 my first article was published, “Why Technologist Must Learn To Speak Business.”

It was written in response to the malaise following the DOTCOM bust. Eventually, it led to “The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit” and my more recent, “Building Your I.T. Career”. The message through the articles, blogs, and books has been a proactive, strategically focused, and business-solution centric approach to IT Careers.

For the IT professional: Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran, I provide advice and insight to help you take control of, and realize greater professional (and financial) growth in your career.

For the executive leader (CIO, CTO, VP of Tech, CEO) : I provide a strategies, tools, training, and coaching to help your IT team better communicate with the business about the business.