Virtual-CIO Services

If you are a small to mid-sized business and want to ensure your systems technology is more strategic and provides your organization with tools that add value and increase efficiency, consider having a short conversation with me.

Computer technology is typically relegated to the “necessary expense” category. My goal is to help it become a value-add to every organization I serve.

Matt has a natural ability to very quickly grasp company ideals and goals and help move towards making them a reality. First hand, I’ve witnessed that Matt knows how to maximize network capabilities, benefit from full hardware utilization, and further software integration.  He is a highly intelligent person I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with and am honored to know.
Julie Calkins, CFO – Cambridge Properties


Experience and Philosophy

  • 20+ years in cross-discipline IT and executive leadership:
    I am a former CIO and have served in many capacities from in-house application development, business analysis, project management, training specialist, and many others. 
  • I DO NOT resell hardware or software.
    I’ll provide an unbiased, “your business objectives first,” analysis and recommendation for IT spending.
  • I’m NOT an “IT professional,” “tech guru,” or “computer guy”
    I’m an Executive Level Business Solution’s Specialist. Technology is just one of the tools I use to help your organization.
  • I’ll talk to you about your business and your goals, NOT about technology.
    Wouldn’t you find it odd if a building contractor walked around talking about his hammer and saw rather than how your room addition will enhance your life and living space?

Technology is expensive. Bad technology decisions are VERY expensive!

A 15 minute conversation cost nothing.  |  818-584-6288