Matthew Moran presents on proactive and entrepreneurial career growth

How I won two new clients and The Entrepreneurial Careerist

I’m going to explain how I won two new clients in one day. That story can be found below. First – because it is related. I’m presenting next week in Woodland Hills, CA. The Entrepreneurial Careerist I love giving this presentation. No audio/visuals. Just energy, anecdotes, and audience interaction. My goal is the move people […]

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Episode 28 – Career Coincidences and Up Your Numbers

What are Career Coincidences? Career Coincidences are those random moments – events or opportune meetings, where you connect with someone – an opportunity – in a seemingly magical way. You have a connection, a past employer, a shared friend, or any shared experience, that makes the conversation and connection more meaningful. This has the impact […]

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True LinkedIn Interactions – A Tale of Two Interactions

::originally published at Pulse Infomatics. It was the best of conversations. It was the worst of conversations. – thanks Dan for the intro I’ve written about LinkedIn effectiveness before, but a couple of weeks ago I had two interactions in a single day that exemplified what I have been talking about and advocating for the […]

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How employers find employees versus how job seekers find jobs

How to get past unrealistic job postings

I speak with a lot of careerist who ask what to do about unrealistic job postings. The easy answer, Networking – and not networking computers – networking with people. The graphic below represents how employers look for talent versus how job seekers look for opportunities. The challenge most job seekers face is that they start […]

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