The I.T. Job Seeker’s Song – from the past

I spoke for a employment support group last year and performed one of my newer songs – more of a “fixing life, moving forward” type of song. But with the release of my book and some upcoming speaking about career development, I thought it might be fun to revisit this gem..

Several years ago I gave a keynote address for McDonald’s I.T. group back in Chicago. On the flight over I turned to my wife and said, “I think I’ll open my keynote with song.”

“Which song,” she asked….nervously?

“I’m writing it now.”

This stressed her out a lot more than it stressed me out. I wrote the song on the flight to Chicago and the next morning performed it – with one slight, forget the lyrics, hiccup. Listen to the Chief Information Officer at the end.. “We need a recording of that.”

FYI: It is this sort of behavior that prompted one event organizer to suggest that I had, “Silicon Valley Knowledge with a Jimmy Buffett Attitude!”  – we like that!

The I.T. Job Seekers Song – go to youtube (lyrics below)

(Played slowly)The server crashed at 2pm as accounting ran financials
A blue screen buffer overflow the impact was substantial
I had hoped today, to have time to study for my certs
But the firewall is issuing exploit alerts

(quickly – high energy)
They wouldn’t sign for the disaster plan
I begged and pleaded when I spoke to them
But they just talked about a “fiscal year”
And now they want to get me out of here

I need a job where they respect my skill
Where every day is not a fire drill
Not asking for another dotcom craze
(spoken) Well, maybe a little of that dotcom pay

But what I’d really like is gratitude
Some recognition for the things I do
A team where we all take a turn at bat
Where can I find an IT job like that (dramatic pause)…
You deserve a break today, so submit your resume To McDonald’s…I’m Lovin’ It!
(I.T. that is)

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