Author update – technology and music

I realized yesterday that it has been over a month since I posted here. Do not mistake the silence for inactivity! I’ve received a couple questions on the site and been speaking with both students and instructors using the book – thank you for your input and support!

I’m going to provide a general update across various activities and let you know my plan for more actively engaging this site and my others.

Consulting & Workshops

At Pulse Infomatics, we’ve picked up several clients the past month plus. Both in the areas of technology/network integration and automation and content & digital marketing. In that vein, and as part of our sales and marketing activities, we try to provide high-value content that clients and potential clients can use.

Mobile-PhoneWithReminderScreenTonight I am speaking for a business group on using Evernote and Google Apps for Time, Tasks, and Information Management. At this engagement (and all that we do) we also leave a one-page tutorial on a related technology. Currently, that is a quick lesson Mobile Enabling Google Calendar. Follow the link for a PDF of the flier and a short video showing how to set that up.


I announced a few weeks ago that I have been signed as an author to The Hatch Group – a New York Literary Agency (well, la tee da). I know!!! Sounds pretty impressive to me too! Honestly, I am so excited about this. I’m going to remain quiet on the project for now but there will be more soon.


LoveYouBold-videoplateSome of you know I write and perform music. In fact, at many of my speaking engagements, I include a song or two. We have some recordings and other projects in the works for 2015 – including both solo and band performances. The other morning, I recorded a video of a new-er song that I introduced to the band this year.

Love You Bold is a rock/country crossover song – one that I really like and listeners seem to enjoy. You can check it out by following the link… plus get to see my dog Beaux.

I.T. Career Development

I used to have group discussions about IT careers and topic here on the website. However, I’ve moved that to a group on LinkedIn and would LOVE it if you took the time to join the group. Join the IT Career Toolkit LinkedIn Group here.


Look for an announcement soon on some live streaming webinars and other activity.

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