Project Management and Team Collaboration

My latest blog entry for CIO Magazine went live yesterday.


Tools for Project Management & Team Collaboration

It covers some of the tools we use at Pulse Infomatics – and why we’ve selected them. As I’ve stated here and in numerous presentations:

“The System” does not exist but “a system” is critical!

What I mean by that is that there are NO perfect systems. And the truth is, most systems begin to fail the moment we adopt them. NOT because of the system but due to our failing to diligently use them.

Diligence is the killer app!

Your diligence is the key component to any system you adopt. And if you work with a team, providing some guidance and a daily/weekly routine on how to best use the systems you’ve put in place is critical.

This goes beyond training. People can understand how a system works but not use it. More often than not, patterns need to be created. By providing a daily routine – a starting point – you take away the guess work on using the system. Over time, everyone makes slight modifications to how they work with a system but a mapped out, defined routine, is one critical step in getting everyone on board.


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