Bad Review, Good Review, and My Content Schedule

I started a new YouTube channel.

I have my music channel and one for tutorial videos of various technologies. I had one for songwriters. And I had one for the 1st edition of the book (I may repurpose those for this website and do some new ones). Given my schedule, it is too much to maintain.

Part of my goal is to consolidate efforts. It is true that I am the author of Building Your I.T. Career. But I do a number of other things as well. My primary channel will host various playlist and videos that touch on all of my activities. So.. join me there for sure.

I’ll be posting these videos on my general author/songwriter site. But I’ll post them here as well from time to time.

This video in particular makes sense. I received a less than stellar review on Amazon. In contrast, I received a wonderful personal note and review for Barnes & Nobel (It was not there at last check). I read them both here and discuss some thoughts about them. I also discuss my content schedule going forward and show off some new t-shirt ideas.

FYI: If you’ve read my book and are an Amazon or Barnes & Nobel customer, post a review there.. especially if you liked the book. If you didn’t like the book, send me a message. Let me know how I can make it better in the future.

Take care.

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