Coaching for CIO’s, CTO’s, I.T. Departments, and I.T. Consultants

coaching for i.t. executives, professionals, and consultants

Ch-ch-ch-changes – coaching and more

Just a quick note to let you know of website changes and some things coming down the pipe. I’ve provided some coaching for I.T. professionals, executives, departments and several I.T. consultants – both independents and organizations.

I’ve now formalized this as part of my overall service strategy for 2014. I had meant to launch everything on January 1st – but, well, holiday, family, and consulting projects were unwilling to wait (funny how they can be).

Website Changes and Additions

I’ve added a new home page to introduce the site more clearly and and the services I offer. Content I would love for you to check out includes:

I.T. Executive Coaching (CIO’s, CTO’s, I.T. departments)
I.T. Consultant Coaching (12 Weeks to Profitable Consulting)
Public Speaking and Workshop Information

…and more coming soon

I recorded a new podcast but am also going to do a new series on time management and Google Calendar. Plus a couple live webinars – one on growing a consulting business and one on automation tools for I.T. pros.

Also, the blog will be updated weekly.

Are you ready for the most exciting and dynamic career growth information possible. I am! Let’s rock 2014!!

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