Tutorial – Getting Started with WordPress

In Building Your I.T. Career, I cover how a professional blog can be used to help better position you as an expert and grow your career. Certainly, as a consultant, it provides an amazing platform to showcase the type of work you do and add value to your network.

I believe the same can be said for employees who wish to chronicle the technologies they use and help other Information Technology professionals as well.

I mention WordPress as the premier blogging platform and CMS (Content Management System) on the web. I know that those using Drupal, Joomla, and other CMS products might balk at WordPress as a CMS. Truth is, for most of us, WordPress does everything we need and more.

I have 4 videos to add to this presentation – they should be ready in the next day or so… but, take a look – a sneak preview of a dynamic presentation hosted by Google.
a tutorial t help you get started with WordPress

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